Construction Management in Delray Beach, Wellington, Lighthouse Point, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and surrounding South Florida areas

Construction Management (CM) typically comes in two variations: Construction Manager Agency and Construction Manager at Risk. This is an alternate form of Project Delivery.

Construction Manager Agency (CMA)

CMA is a method whereby the Owner retains the CM at the same time as the Architect and receives continuous technical services throughout the life of the project. Sometimes The CMA is the architect as well. The CMA does not assume liability for the actual construction. This contract may or may not require that the CMA build the project or manage the Owner's building of the project. Thus, this method is very similar to Design-Bid-Build (DBB the Traditional Method) with an additional technical professional furnishing the Owner with construction management services only.

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Construction Manager-at-Risk

Construction Manager-at-Risk (CMR) projects are characterized by a contract between an Owner and a Construction Manager (CM). This contract may or may not require that the CMR build the project. In this agreement, the Owner authorizes the CM to handle all the details of a project's life cycle.

The idea of CMR is to furnish professional management of all phases of a project's life to an Owner whose organization may not have those capabilities. Typically, CMR contracts contain a provision in which the CMR stipulates to a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) above which the Owner is not liable for payment. Often these contracts include incentive clauses in which the CMR and Owner split any cost savings realized below the GMP.

CMR contracts can contain provisions for the CMR to handle some aspects of design, but most commonly, the Owner retains the traditional responsibility by keeping a separate design contract and furnishing the CMR with a full set of drawings and specifications on which all construction contracts are based.

Constructability is the major reason an Owner would select either CM method. Unlike Design-Bid-Build (the Traditional Method), CM brings the building professional into the design process at a stage where definitive input can have a positive impact on the project.

In CMR, the CM essentially becomes the General Contractor at the time the Guaranteed Maximum Price is established (it is sometimes called CMGC for this reason). Again, like Design-Bid-Build (DBB the Traditional Method), good business relationships between the parties are essential to success. The CM has direct input to the Design Development and Construction Documents Phases. You can trust Barretta & Associates to work with you CM or be your CM, for all of your South Florida Projects.

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