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At some point a Contractor may give you a contract to review, his Standard Contract. The red flags should come out here. There are Industry Standard Contracts that should be used. They have been tested, litigated and stand up to the rigors of construction that you are about to undergo. The Associated Contractors of America (AGC) publishes a Standard Contract. So does the American Institute of Architects (AIA). The AIA's contracts are the Industries Standard and the fairest most tested Contracts. A contract prepared by your contractor will, undoubtedly favor the Contractor on some levels, perhaps many levels.

  1. AIA documents are fair. AIA contracts and forms are consensus documents that reflect advice from practicing architects, contractors, engineers as well as owners, surety bond producers, lenders, insurers, and attorneys. AIA documents balance the interests of all the parties, so no one interest, including that of the architect, is unfairly represented.
  2. AIA documents reflect industry practices, not theory. Where practices are inconsistent or no guidelines for practice exist, the AIA documents provide a consensus-based model for practitioners to follow.
  3. AIA documents reflect changing construction practices and technology. AIA documents are revised regularly to accommodate changes in professional and industry practices, insurance, and technology.
  4. AIA documents reflect the law. AIA documents are revised and updated to incorporate changes resulting from court interpretations and rulings, legal precedent, and nuances.
  5. AIA documents are flexible. AIA documents can be easily modified to accommodate individual project demands. Such changes are easily distinguished from the original, printed language.
  6. AIA documents are easy to interpret. AIA documents use the common meaning of words and phrases. Industry and legal jargon is avoided whenever possible.

Should you be presented a Contract for Construction by anyone you should have your architect review it for you. Barretta & Associates has been reviewing Contracts for 43 years. Don't you want that kind of experience representing you? Don't try to go it alone. There is too much money involved, too much liability, too many possible pitfalls involved. Our review and consultation will save you a whole lot of grief!