A Summary of Construction Project Delivery Methods

Since the early 1980’s, Owners of construction projects have been putting greater pressure on the Architecture & Engineering/Construction community to increase quality, decrease cost, and more importantly, compress the period it takes from concept to completion for all manner facilities. As a result, both Owners and the industry have experimented with various forms of project delivery methods.

The most challenging concept to develop at the start of a project is exactly what does the Owner require and the optimum project delivery method for that particular Owner.

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Project Delivery Methods

  1. Design/Bid/Build (DBB) sometimes referred to as Traditional Delivery Method
  2. Negotiated Construction Contract (NCC) variation of Design/Bid/Build (DBB)
  3. Construction Management (CM)
    • Construction Manager Agency (CMA)
    • Construction Manager-at-Risk (CMR)
  4. Pre-Completion Negotiated Construction Contract (PCN)
  5. Schematic or Earlier Bid of the Contractor’s General Conditions and Profit only. Then a Negotiated Construction Contract (NCC).
  6. Design-Build (D/B)

What are the Goals Barretta & Associates strives for:

  • Reduced cost
  • Shorter schedules
  • Improved quality
  • Enhanced safety
  • Better control of risk
  • Fewer change orders
  • Fewer claims
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All project delivery methods are viable means to deliver constructed facilities. When implemented with an emphasis on constructability and executed with a true effort to be honest and open in all project communications, any one of these can be the conduit through which an Owner receives a satisfactory product.

Thus, the path to successful project delivery must start by selecting the best delivery method for the given project guided by the Architect’s and then by applying the principles of constructability and partnering, completing that project in a highly professional manner.

Each project has its own unique delivery requirements and one of the methods will be most appropriate for each individual project. Let Barretta & Associates lead you through this determination process/decision.